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Room in beautiful, light filled apartment in Petershausen

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Wohnungsart:WG Zimmer
Größe:11 m²
Miete:450 €
Nebenkosten:50 €
Standort:Bücklestraße 82
78467 Konstanz, Universitätsstadt (Deutschland)
Beschreibung:Dear apartment seekers,

I am moving into a lovely three room apartment in April, and I would like to find a roommate for the second bedroom. My name is Cara, and I am from the United States. I am 23 years old. I love playing soccer, hiking in the mountains, and traveling.

I moved to Konstanz this past August to work at an international school as an English teacher. I am working full time, so I would love to find a roommate that also works, but I am completely open to living with a student. I would just like to keep the apartment clean without parties or much craziness. I am looking for a clean, quiet, friendly person who would like to sometimes cook together or hang out but is also understanding that I work at home some as well. I am also trying to learn German, so I would love to have a roommate that could sometimes speak German with me to help me learn.

The apartment consists of a kitchen, living room, bathroom, large wrap around balcony and two bedrooms. It is newly renovated and full of light. The room that I will be renting out has a nice storage area and is suitable for one person. The apartment comes partially furnished, and I am planning on furnishing the rest of it with your help if you would like input! You would be in charge of furnishing your own room. If you have any kitchen supplies or small decorations to bring, even better! There is a washing machine, a dryer, a cellar, a parking space (if you would like to pay for it), and a nice shower.

The apartment is located in Petershausen; 3 minute bike to the Rewe, Media Markt, and other shops. It is also very close to the Petershausen Bahnhof. It is not a far bike or bus to the University!

One other important aspect I must mention is that I live with my lovely little dog Blueberry. She is a tiny, no shedding, 12 year old maltipoo. She is incredibly relaxed, low maintenance, and cute. She hardly ever barks and is a wonderful snuggle buddy. I would love to find a roommate who is a dog lover as well!

If you have any interest or questions about the apartment, please send me an email. I can also send pictures upon request. I look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,
Angebot vom:22.01.2018
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